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November 2018 – May 2019 Timetable

28 November 2018 Applicants may access the Pupillage Gateway to browse vacancies (pupillage vacancies that are not managed through the Gateway are live all year round). A practice online application form will be available in addition to a sample application form in pdf format for applicants to begin preparation: click here to download the form.
7 January 2019, 11:00am The submissions window for Pupillage Gateway applications opens; applicants may start, edit and submit their applications
7 February 2019, 11:00am The submissions window for Pupillage Gateway applications closes; no further applications or amendments to applications will be allowed.
February – May 2019 Chambers or organisations will sift paper applications, shortlist applicants, and conduct interviews or assessments.
7 May 2019, 09:00am Offers of pupillage are made through the system. For applications made through the Pupillage Gateway, offers of pupillage must neither be made nor accepted before 09:00 on 7 May 2019. BSB Pupillage Handbook
Please note that the system opens for the submission of applications at 11:00am on Monday 7 January 2019, and closes at 11:00am on Thursday 7 February 2019. . It will not be possible to submit applications after this time and extensions will not be granted.