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How to apply

The Pupillage Gateway makes applying for pupillage easier than ever before. After you have completed and saved the online Practice Application Form, your details will be automatically copied across to up to 20 live pupillage applications per annum. There is also a downloadable Sample Application Form available to help your preparation. All pupillages are required to be advertised on the Pupillage Gateway and, from 1 November 2020, must be recruited in line with the Gateway timetable. Whilst all Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) must use the Pupillage Gateway to advertise, they are not mandated to use the recruitment portal to assist in the administration of their respective processes. For those AETOs who manage their recruitment process outside the Pupillage Gateway, please refer to the instructions in the vacancy advert or the relevant AETO’s website for further details. Applicants generally apply for pupillage around 18 months before they intend to start pupillage, although this varies depending on what academic stage the applicant has reached. For example, an applicant in the penultimate year of a law degree, or final year of a non-law degree, may apply only to chambers which are offering pupillage to start two years from the date of application. An applicant in the final year of a law degree, or studying the Graduate Diploma in Law, may apply to chambers offering pupillage to start one year from the date of application. For details on the timings of the 2019/20 recruitment round, please see the applicant timetable. Further details on how to apply can be found in the Applicant User Guide (PDF).